Ground works

At FJMitchell, we have extensive experience in all aspects of ground works. We are able to undertake a variety of projects, preparing the foundations of your new build home or slightly larger commercial property. From the initial preparation through to the structural work, our friendly and professional team are fully equipped to safely and successfully complete all manner of ground work tasks.

We understand that ground works are incredibly important when the build of a new property is in place. Without the strength of a solid structure base, the entire building could be in danger as well as the future inhabitants of the property. Call upon the team at FJMitchell to ensure that your property has the necessary groundworks required to meet building regulations.

As professional groundwork contractors we have extensive experience in all surfacing and resurfacing work, as well as being a tarmac approved contractor. We offer a no obligation site visit and will aim to start and finish any work with the minimum of fuss and mess so we do not disrupt your everyday lives.

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